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CAADS Services

CAADS (Collaborative Advanced Analytics & Data Sharing Platform) provides the following:

  • Predictive Transformation: Wrangle, prepare, join, aggregate, or pivot data for visualization and analysis. Can be used on data already residing in the CAADS data lake, or to bring-your-own-data

  • Reporting and Business Intelligence: Create or view dashboards, reports, and visualizations

  • Enterprise Search: Locate, explore, and preview data

  • Data Governance: Explore the data catalog to discover, tag, and organize data

  • Analytic Assessment: Build and compare analytic and predictive models

  • Enterprise File Browser: Secure window-like data lake file browser

  • Data Anonymization: Discover and mask personally identifiable data in the data lake

  • SAS Modernization: Execute SAS programs in parallel using the Hadoop Framework